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Benefits of Hyper-elastic Polymer SmartGRID

Soft & firm: SmartGRID is soft where you need comfort (Shoulders & hips) & firm where you need support(back)

2,500+ air channels: Foam or memory foam traps heat, whereas SmartGRID has over 2,500+ air channels with temperature neutral grid design so that you sleep cool every night.

Adaptive support: Provides instant support to your bodily movements, giving you undisturbed sleep, thus reducing tossing and turning.

Durability: The material is durable in nature as it doesn’t sag over time, and stays in its natural form for a long time.

Why is Hyper-elastic Polymer SmartGRID the smartest choice?

SmartGRID Mattress vs Memory Foam

Cool Sleep: It has more than 2,500 air Channels for air circulation to keep you cool.
Hot sleep: Memory foam retains body heat and hence it starts to get very hot Over time.
Relieves pain points: Intelligently Designed so that it’s soft at hips and Shoulders while being firm at back.
Collapses over time: Completely Collapses under body weight and has a Similar feel across body parts.
No sagging: The ultra-elastic material Prevents sagging for a long, long time.
Break down: Even if stretched a little bit,the foam breaks.


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