Repose is powered by a core management team of six individuals. With a collective experience of 90 years in the mattress industry,
some of them are pioneers in the concept and technology behind spring mattresses. The company is also driven by its directors, who bring
to the table extensive experience with international brands and other leading mattress manufacturers.

Our marketing is pillared by a group of hi-octane professionals who balance passion with experience. Over the years, this team has built
strong relationships with traders, even down to the district levels in South India. The marketing team has a deep level of interaction
with the management, and together we conduct periodic market visits to understand changing trends and growing customer expectations.
This helps Repose develop a nuanced approach towards dealer interactions, reception of feedback on products and services, and improvement
in the value chain.

The management and marketing teams work hand-in-hand with Repose’s skilled and technically proficient manufacturing team.
Constantly innovating and coming up with fresher ideas in-house, this team is fast driving us to a leadership status. Product after
product, feature after feature, the manufacturing team powers us toward a promising tomorrow.

What we live by

Repose believes in:

  • – being obsessed with quality
  • – being closely aware of market and customer needs
  • – populating the team with individuals who are proud and passionate, yet humble
  • – adhering to the loftiest business ethics and transparency at all times