Important Things To Consider When Buying a Mattress

By: maritius | November 28, 2016

The decision of buying a mattress can be dreadful; since the market is flooded with innumerable brands all promising to be the best ones giving the most comfort. But the decision lies in your hand as to how to choose the best mattress. After the tiring day one only looks out for his bed where he can relax and remove his tiredness of the day. A good mattress is very important as without it one would not be able to sleep properly which would hamper his schedule the next day. Ask yourself these questions: Do you wake up tired or achy, or does your mattress look saggy or lumpy? If the answer to the questions is ‘yes’ then you surely need to go in for a new mattress.

Instead of focusing on price tag, brand name, shelf appearance, mattress cover, print or quilt design, think what you want in your mattress. A much more advertised or expensive brand does not mean, it is better. Focus on comfort.

The most important thing to consider is your own comfort level. Even if you buy the most expensive mattress, you won’t have the best sleeping experience of your life if you are not comfortable on it. So, do not fall a prey to advertisements or the words of a salesman. Nobody else other than you could know what gives you the utmost comfort.

Size of the mattress does matter. Before buying a mattress you need to understand for who is it meant to be. It should exactly fit your bed. A little bit long or short could be inconvenient. So, measure the size of your bed and purchase a mattress for the same.

The best mattresses will be firm enough to support your body weight, but not hard enough to put pressure on joints like the hips, knees or back. So, it becomes a matter of finding the right balance between these two extremes that works for you. One basic rule when searching for a new mattress is to choose one that is slightly firmer than you would normally need.

You don’t want to go to any extremes here; remember, it should be only “slightly” firmer than you normally desire. The reason for this is that all mattresses tend to lose some support over time. Firmness labels are not always accurate. When it comes to firmness, one must not blindly believe the labels: firm, medium firm, and extra firm.

One brand’s extra firm may be equivalent to another brand’s medium firm option. They may vary so you can’t trust these labels completely as there are lots of mattress brands in India. Lastly, the most important factor to consider is to look for a good warranty. The longer the warranty, the better. So, be careful while buying a mattress and do not go in for a bad mattress as it could be a terrible mistake one could ever make.



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