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Best mattress brands in India Availability and different designs

By: maritius | January 18, 2018


Mattresses are used as cushioning for beds. Beds are a piece of furniture which is used to mostly sleep or relax.

Most beds consist of soft, cushion mattresses mounted on a flat base made either of wood or other materials. Part of the bed could also be fitted with internal springs. For e.g. The Divan, popular in Europe combines both the mattress and foundation in a single upholstered wooden base. Divans have at least one internal spring unit to make cushioning easier.

Mattresses made in earlier times were normally filled with straw, hair or feathers, however modern mattresses are mostly filled with latex or other flexible foams. Mattresses can also be filled with air or water.

A typical mattress consists of two primary parts – the core or inner spring cushioning and the upholstery or the comfort layer, all of which is covered by a thick fabric or padding.

Upholstery layers provide cushioning and comfort. Mattresses are made to conform to bed sizes. There are several sizes of mattresses are used for making beds, with the smallest of beds made for infants, to queen size or king size mattresses also available which can easily accommodate a couple.

If you are looking for best mattress brands in India, there are many bed and mattress manufacturers out there which sell branded mattresses. You could narrow down your search for the perfect mattress for you by selecting the brand you desire. Manufacturers have a wide range of mattresses available in each brand and of different sizes, to help you reach a decision.

There are many kinds of mattresses available with manufacturers and if you want to dive deeper into further detail, suppliers will be glad to guide you through selection.

The different types of mattresses may vary, however some of the better known and branded mattresses comprise of the following designs.

1) Dual top luxury mattress: This mattress consists of a memory foam layer with a latex material topping, which provide for extra comfort and cushioning.

2) Queen-size or King-size mattresses: These are double bed mattresses which are built to keep couples comfy.

Along with mattresses consumers can also check out some great deals on pillows. Owing to the holiday season, many manufacturers are offering hefty discounts and great deals on their products.

All the mattresses are prepared with high precision and accuracy and an inclination to making lavish and comfortable mattresses. Materials used in making the mattresses are state-of-the-art and provide cushioning like no other.

Also, if you are browsing various online websites for the mattress you want, be sure to sift through their testimonials and gather info on company feedback. Branded mattresses normally have positive reviews about them and you can tell one brand from the other. Customers can also compare different features of mattresses to decide on the one that they would like to purchase. Features like cost, material used, longevity can all be determined by comparing different brands with each other.

If you are looking for further information or other aspects of mattresses that you were not able to explore, feel free to contact customer care, and they will be able to provide solutions to any queries that you may have.



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