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7 Things You Need To Consider When Shopping For a New Mattress

By: maritius | January 18, 2018


The number of people not having quality sleep is on the rise. According to 2011 poll, 92% of people using the right type of mattress have said they get enough sleep while 8 % do not get quality sleep due to the mattress they use.

It is important that you get enough sleep since it helps the body rest and ensures it functions properly. Approximately 8 hours of sleep is sufficient for an adult each day. However, getting quality sleep should be prioritised rather than getting quantity sleep. One best way that will always guarantee you quality sleep is by ensuring you get the right type of mattress.

Getting the right type of mattress will help you improve your sleep quality which will make you happier, healthier and enable you to have a more productive day when working. Here are seven things you need to consider when buying a new mattress.

1. Comfort

Spending your nights on a comfortable mattress will ensure you get quality sleep. Choosing a comfortable mattress will ensure you quality sleep and will help improve your performance during the day. It is important that you choose comfortable beds that will suit your body size and not what the salesman prefers.

2. Price

Just like other items, it is important that you always consider the price of the mattress when you buy mattress online India. Beds are known to come in different designs, sizes and types which have a direct impact on the price. It is advisable that you know beforehand how much you are willing to spend on a mattress and you can use your estimates to shop for a top quality mattress available within your budget.

3. Size

Mattresses are usually available in different sizes such as the twin, queen, twin extra long size, king and full-size mattress. The sizes are usually designed to suit a particular purpose and different sizes of people. Your height will play a major role when determining the size of mattress you will purchase.

Your bed size will also help in determining the mattress size you will purchase since it is important you get one that fits your bed.

4. Type

There are different types of mattresses currently available in the market. For example, there are innerspring mattresses which are usually preferred by most people due to their durability and comfort that is attributed to the springs found in the mattresses. Foam mattress is another type of modern mattress which is usually available in different densities. The densities help in responding to an individual’s body temperature, weight and shape making it more comfortable.

5. Warranty

Most of the mattresses available in the market are usually sold without any form of warranty. It is important that you always consider the availability of warranty whenever you are shopping for a specific type of mattress. This will ensure that you can always have your mattress replaced whenever it falls out.

6. Your Preferred Sleeping Position

Your preferred sleeping position will always play a hand in determining the mattress you need. It is important that you get a mattress that can support your body well whenever you are sleeping to ensure you are comfortable. Hence, if you always prefer sleeping on your stomach, getting a firm mattress would be the best choice. In case you prefer sleeping on your side, getting a soft mattress will help guarantee quality sleep since it gently embraces your body while ensuring your spine and back are aligned.

7. Lifestyle

The type of lifestyle you and your family lives in will also help in dictating the type of mattress that you will buy. You might have a partner who moves around at night. You will need to get a mattress that can absorb such movements effectively.



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